1 Gram of Silver Will Be Sent To You

1 Gram of silver will be sent to you but 1st let me tell you a short story. I grew up in a household where my father was the only earner. Often I would think what would happen if he lost his job or got hurt etc… all things that would eliminate his income. That would not have been a good thing for us.

Now that I’m adult for a while now I don’t want to be in that situation. I’ve worked 2 jobs a few times and I didn’t really like doing that. Now I’m trying to create multiple stream of income. Some people do this with real estate if they can. Right now, I have my 9 to 5 job, I also book travel and in the last year I’ve got involved in a silver business.

The silver business has been really cool. So much fun having silver sent to my house and at the same time learning the value of precious metals. Not only can you buy silver but you can also have an opportunity to get a bunch of silver for free.

If you have ANY interest (within the lower 48 states). Please submit your information below and I will send you a free 1 gram of silver. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

It’s important that you put your correct information so I can reach out to you for your mailing address. Please note once you put your information in you will get emails BUT you can always opt out and if you do you can still keep the 1 gram of silver. The image below are 1oz silver coins not a 1 gram of silver. 1oz of silver is about 28 grams, just to give you an idea of what 1 gram is.

1 Gram of silver
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First Auto Ship of Silver Bullions for 2023 from Quicksilver

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My 1st Silver Bullion Coins of 2023

Silver Bullion Coins of 2023

In this video I’m showcasing my 1st silver bullion coins of 2023. I started purchasing silver bullions coins in July of 2022.  Currently I am purchasing between 3 – 5 silver coins a month. I have 2 coins on auto ship each month and them I buy 1-3 separate from the  auto ship coins. These 2 silver coins are not part of the monthly auto ship.

Bitcoin 1oz Silver Bullion Coins

The Bitcoin 1oz Silver Round is a fascinating fusion of two worlds – cryptocurrency and precious metals. Crafted with meticulous detail, this silver round features the iconic Bitcoin logo on one side, symbolizing the digital revolution in finance. On the reverse, a sleek and polished design showcases its weight and purity, making it a tangible asset for collectors and investors alike. This unique piece bridges the gap between traditional wealth preservation and the decentralized future of finance, encapsulating the essence of Bitcoin’s rise as a store of value. As cryptocurrency continues to reshape the financial landscape, the Bitcoin 1oz Silver Round stands as a tangible symbol of this transformative era.

Sword of Truth 1oz Silver Bullion Coins

The Sword of Truth 1oz Silver Round is a stunning tribute to one of fantasy literature’s most beloved sagas. Crafted with exquisite detail, this silver round features a majestic sword on one side, an emblem of honor, justice, and the eternal struggle between good and evil as depicted in Terry Goodkind’s epic series. The reverse side showcases intricate designs and purity markings, making it a cherished keepsake for fans and collectors alike. This silver round serves as a tangible connection to the world of Richard Rahl, Kahlan Amnell, and the battle for truth, making it a must-have for enthusiasts of the Sword of Truth series.


Silver Bullion Coins


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Buying Silver Bullion Coins

Buying Silver Bullion Coins

Buying Silver Bullion Coins Is Pretty Simple To Do

In this video I show you how simple it is buy silver online. This is what I do every month. I currently have 2 1 oz silver round coins delivered to my home. In addition to those 2 monthly coins, I purchase any where between 2 – 4 other silver coins. You do what ever fits your budget and what ever is comfortable for you.

Tips for Buying Silver Bullion Coins

Research: Before diving into the world of silver bullion coins, conduct thorough research. Understand the different types of silver coins available, such as American Silver Eagles, Canadian Silver Maple Leafs, or Australian Silver Kangaroos. Each has its unique features, including weight, purity, and design.

Purchase from Reputable Dealers: It’s crucial to buy silver bullion coins from reputable dealers or established mints. This ensures that you are getting authentic, high-quality coins. Be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true, as counterfeit coins do exist.

Consider Storage: Decide how you’ll store your silver bullion coins. Some investors choose to store them in a secure home safe, while others prefer using a professional storage facility. Proper storage helps protect your investment from theft and damage.

Consider Coin Purity: Silver bullion coins come in various purities, typically ranging from 99.9% to 99.99%. Higher purity coins may command a higher premium but can also offer better resale value.

Stay Informed: Keep an eye on the silver market and economic trends. Silver prices can be influenced by various factors, including supply and demand, geopolitical events, and currency fluctuations. Staying informed will help you make informed decisions about when to buy or sell.

Dollar-Cost Averaging: Instead of making one large purchase, consider a dollar-cost averaging strategy. This involves buying a fixed dollar amount of silver bullion coins at regular intervals. This approach can help mitigate the effects of price volatility.

Buying Silver Bullion Coins


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My Last 4 Silver Bullion Coins for 2022

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